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SNAP and DUFB Service Program Vendor Agreement

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(All vendors agree to these terms for acceptance to the LCFM!)

The Larimer County Farmers’ Market (“the Market”) will continue with SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps) and Double Up Food Bucks. The program provides a wireless point-of-sale machine to our market, which will enable us to process SNAP. The Market’s goal, with our vendors as partners, is to provide an additional revenue source for vendors and to offer fresh, local food to community members who use SNAP.

The Market also participates in the Double Up Food Bucks program, which matches up to $20 in SNAP with Double Up Food Bucks, which can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Double Up Food Bucks can only be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Vendors who do not sell fresh fruits and vegetables are not eligible to accept Double Up Food Bucks.

The Market will process SNAP and DUFB transactions using a wireless machine and give customers paper coupons in return. SNAP and DUFB coupons are $1 denominations and can only be used for qualifying products. As a vendor, if you have questions if your products qualify, please ask a Market staff member. At the end of each market day, vendors will count the coupons they have received, and return them to market management invthe manila envelope for weekly reimbursement. SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks will be reimbursed after each market; the collected coupons will be subtracted from the vendor’s fees. It’s possible the Market will owe the vendor money, which will be paid to vendors via PayPal.

For consistency in the program and clarity for market customers, all vendors selling eligible SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks will be required to accept SNAP coupons and Double Up Food Bucks. Please read the USDA SNAP rules outlined below. Due to Federal Regulations of the SNAP Program, we are asking all vendors to agree to this document, certifying that they are aware of the rules of the program. All information regarding individual vendor participation will be held confidential by the Market management.

“I agree, on behalf of my business, to accept Larimer County Farmers’ Market SNAP or DUFB coupons for eligible items, and to abide by the rules described herein, regarding the acceptance of SNAP and DUFB benefits issued to customers by the Market for the purchase of my/our products. I/we agree to follow all USDA SNAP Program rules, outlined at the bottom of this agreement. I/we understand that this benefit offered by the Market to its vendors is a responsibility, as well as a privilege, which can be terminated immediately if any of the conditions stated herein are violated. Any one member of a business who signs this agreement agrees to hold all representatives of the business responsible to this agreement. I understand that the LCFM will only accept SNAP coupons issued by the LCFM. SNAP coupons from other markets will not be reimbursed, and it is the vendor’s responsibility to accept the correct coupons for the LCFM. I understand that I will not be reimbursed if I collect currency for items that do not qualify. It is the responsibility of the vendor to educate their staff on the market currencies.”

Agreement valid for the 2022 Larimer County Farmers’ Market season.

USDA SNAP Program Rules

SNAP Benefits can be used to purchase:

  • Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, bakery items, seeds and plants intended for growing food (e.g. tomato starts and potted herbs)

SNAP Benefits CANNOT be used to purchase:

  • Non-food items (pet food, beauty products, jewelry, pottery, artwork, etc.); foods intended to be eaten on site (ready to-eat) and hot foods (including breakfast burritos and tamales); alcohol or tobacco products

Double Up Food Bucks can be used to purchase:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables only; NO EXCEPTIONS!

You may NOT set a minimum purchase requirement for SNAP or DUFB items, and no cash can be given as change for SNAP or DUFB coupons.